12 November 2009

old jam/jelly recipes

As long as I'm thinking of my ginger peach jam, there are a couple of old jam and jelly recipes, I'd like to share.

    Ginger Peach Jam

4 1/2 c. prepared fruit + ginger infusion (I did 3 1/2 c. peaches, 1 c. infusion)
6 c. sugar
1 box pectin

The best way that I've so far encountered to get delicious ginger infusion is by blending peeled ginger root with just enough added water to allow the blender to puree it. I've not measured how much ginger root I usually use, but on a guess, I'd say 1/2 pound. If you end up needing more ginger infusion, add the extra volume you need in boiling water and let it steep at least 10 minutes. Other than that, I'm a Sure-Jell (R) fan, so my one box pectin is almost always going to be one regular (not sugar-free) box of powdered Sure-Jell (R) pectin, and I just follow the generic directions for jamming.

    Ginger Jelly

3 1/2 c. ginger infusion
1/4 c. fresh lemon juice
5 1/2 c. sugar
1 box pectin

This recipe isn't actually completely confirmed. The first (and only) time I made ginger jelly, I used 4 c. infusion, and it turned out a bit liquidy. I haven't had a chance to try the new recipe simply because I'm still working through my first batch, as I'm the only one that likes it on pb&j's (and I think it's simply amazing with almond butter, too). Oh, incidentally, I also used about half brown sugar, as I didn't realize that I had run so low on white and didn't want to run to the store.

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